Marine Biology Station Augusto Ruschi

Marine Biology Station Ruschi is a school of ecology, dedicated to research, culture and education, established in the decade of 60 by scientist Augusto Ruschi, the national protector of the ecology, in a outstanding place in the coast of Espirito Santo, in Santa Cruz, and administrated by his direct assistant and son the scientist and ambientalist, Andre Ruschi.

The place is opened to the public for didactic visitation guided by technicians, with carefully elaborated tracks, showing aspects of typical ecosystems: paludosa forest, restingas, swamps, beach, sea rocks and Tabuleiro forest. Various uncommun attractives of the landscape provide a pleasant sightseeing pleasure and direct contact with the nature, good of seeing, feeling, to hear and to smell. 

The beach and the swamp are formations with sedimentary rocks of arenitic iron, with interesting formations of sea rocks for all the coast. During the low tide, it is possible to walk for top of these rock bed between hundreds of small pools and puddles of tide, with seaweed, fish, crustaceans, seastars, like a rich marine garden of flowers, colors, life and movement. 

Main subjects of the Lessons 

  • Marine live creatures
  • Coastal echosystems 
  • Ecology of the E.S.
  • Medicinal Plants 
  • Atlantic Forest 
  • Hidrographic Basin

Evolution of the living beings 


The Station possesss installations with 2 collective dorms and 4 rooms with total capacity for 70 people, 1 suíte, visiting residence of trainees and visiting professors, restaurant, snack bar, dining facilityes outdoor 16 bathrooms, hot and cold water with mineral qualities, computer, telephone, library, laboratory, didactic collections, forest reproduction facilityes and a vast archive of ambiental information, residence of the director, 8 ha of virgin forest, 7 ha of area in recovery, 6 ha with experiences on organic agriculture of medicinal plants, 2 km of tracks of Atlantic forest and restinga, theater of arena and camping area. 

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Av. Augusto Ruschi, nº 01.
Bairro Santa Cruz, Municipio de Aracruz-ES
CEP: 29196-625

Tel. 27-3250-6057
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