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The memory of the protector of the Brazilian ecology, and the most outstanding personage of the science of Espirito Santo culture of all times, are subject for inspiration, education and formation of the young, of any time. 

His best known scientific work is the one related to Hummingbirds. But this would be enough to become protector of the Brazilian ecology? The poison of the frog, the “pajelança”...... and much more. 

Its contributions are innumerable: public health, agriculture, forests, denounciations of corrupt, development projects ambiental prophecies, but above of all protection to the forests. 

Its wisdom and knowledge had surprised the biggest specialists of the world. Became world famous with very important contributions already in the decades of 30 40 and 50. 

But in Brazil and at Espirito Santo State this delayed a little more. 

The people of his town and even some family members did not understand him, and in its majority they considered him as an insane or eccentric person, of strange atitudes.The man is gone, however his works, philosophy, his teachings, are present, and alive. 

He was declared as National Protector of the Ecology by Federal law decret in virtue of its innumerable contributions to the country and to Science. 

It is outstanding his world-wide pioneerism in the protection of biodiversity and definition of ambiental impact. To Assis Chateaubriandt, was joined politically and together with others, he contributed to write some pages of political history of Brazil. He, contributed with the improvement of the precision photograph technology, the same used today in the satellites. 

Finally there are so many acomplishments and stories, that a museum would be the proper place to shelter the history of this Person from de state of Espirito Santo who claims for himself the condition of being one of the 1000 great thinkers of the humanity, contributer of the thinking fundaments, that guided the 20th century. 

The House August Ruschi is dedicated to the diffusion of the life, works and ideals of this great naturalist, edition of his books, illustrations reproduction, scientific support, ambiental education and administration of copyrights.

Thru visits the photographic and historical material can be known.

All the Museum is legended, being useful as very important material and exclusive for didactic and historical research. 

The visits are guided by specialized assistence in ambiental education, and are an extension of the PROJECT NOA’S ARK, stablished in Santa Cruz, in the Marine Biology Station Ruschi. 

The building belongs the Ruschi family since the decade of 50, having been used for meetings, parties and receptions. It is old, historical construction, of aesthetic value and architectural, situated in the center of Santa Tereza. 

The exposition on the life and works of Augustus Ruschi is a sample of the work of this great Espiritossantense scientist, in permanent exposition in the HOUSE AUGUSTO RUSCHI, Santa Tereza, ES, land of the naturalist. His son, Andre Ruschi, natural successor of the scientific work of the father, as ambiental educator, conducts the Marine Biology Station Ruschi, and created the House Augusto Ruschi in proper building in Santa Teresa and Project Noa’s Ark, with absolute independence of the Museum of Biology, with the purpose of make known the philosophy and works of the National Protector of Ecology. This exposition represents the work carried through by Ruschi before 1983 and by Marine Biology Station Ruschi since 1986 until the present date. Most of the information displayed here isuntil the present date, of exclusive knowledge of those that had lived the history such as the facts happened and had followed.


Some reproductions of engravings of the originals in watercolors are available for acquisition which illustrate the books of Prof. Ruschi. All the copies are of exclusive collection of the House Augusto Ruschi. 


Are various works richly illustrated, edition English-Portuguese, about Hummingbirds, birds, orquids and monkeys.

The copyrights and images are exclusive and are destined to the maintenance of the project of ENVIRONMENTAL education, Project NOA’S ARK and edition of the yet not published works.


Is developed by the son and assistant of Augusto Ruschi, the ecologist Andre Ruschi. With 30 years of experience in Enviromental Education, André was responsible for the introduction in the Brazilian Constitution of 1988, the obligation of the ambiental education in all the levels of teaching, protection to biodiversity, fiscalization of the genetic manipulation and transgênics. Active militant of the ambientalist movement, has dedicated all existence to the educational and ambiental research, to improve the human being existence and the quality of life of the people of Espirito Santo,  in the only possible way for the existence: DEFENSE Of LIFE!

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