Andre Ruschi, biologist, son of Augusto Ruschi, with which he worked as professor assistant, was responsible for the donation of the Biology Museum Mello Leitão to the Federal Historic Patrimony, ecologist specialized in ambiental education, being one of the pioneers in the country referring the subject, specialized in medicine of Plants, ambientalist, was the creator, and writer of the Chapter of Environment of the Federal Constitution of 88 (Art.225), parallel formation in psycotherapies, ecology of hummingbirds, forest ecology, with many contributions and services handled to the civil society, member of the State council of Environment and Health, co-author of the PES - Project of Sanitary Education and author of the PERI - Project of Education for water Resources, both of the CESAN. Author of the Project of creation of the Unit of Sea Conservation of Santa Cruz. 


1999 - Choosen by Channel Futura as one of the 10 best projects of Enviromental Education of Brazil! Description of Marine Echosystems of Aracruz and of Ressurgency fenomena. Criation of the site, Inauguration of the Augusto Ruschi House 

2000 - Act of Praise in the Chamber of the Councilmen of Vitoria. Vote of Praise of the City council of Environment of Vitoria. Influenced the Health State Council to form a Thematic Commission to investigate the volume of claims related to alergo-respiratory symptoms of the population of Vitoria, to promote a public audience for presentation of the results of the research to the population and to take the methodology developed in our school, for all the City councils of Health of the State. 2º Place of the Prize Tião Sá of Environmental Education of the City hall of Vitoria. A achievement of the Educational Partnership, Biology Marine Station and School Dynamic Space. The Project “Capixaba School” most noticed in the main channels of brasilian TV’s Like Globo and Channel Futura. The project “Capixaba School” the most mentionned in the State newspapers – A Gazeta, Notícia Agora, A Tribuna. Vote of Congratulações of the Chamber of the Councilmen of Victory. 

2001 - Technical support for elaborate the Picture of Ambiental Risk of Vila Velha county,

involving pupils of 12 private schools and 33 county public schools of Vila Velha, reaching 10,000 interviewed. We participate at the Public Audience held at the State Deputy house of the ES, for the CPI of the Environment, presenting the result of the Research “Ballot box Mouth of the Pollution”. We participate of the Audience on the Pollution of Vitória-ES, carried through in the County Chamber, presenting the results of the research at Ballot box Mouth of the Pollution. FIOCRUZ used data of the Research “ Ballot box Mouth” of the Pollution to issue evaluation of the Public Emergency medical Aid of Carapina - Serra-ES. Project “Ballot box Mouth” of the Pollution is presented to FAMOPES - Federacy of the Associations of Inhabitants of the ES. Project “Ballot box Mouth” of the Pollution is prominence in the Meeting of the National Council of Health in Brasilia-DF. We participate of the “Round Table” on Ambiental Pollution in the Humboldt Institute. FUNASA - National foundation for Health approves Research of the Pollution and will present proposal to apply the methodology in all schools of the country. 

2002 - Presentation of proposal for the National Conference of Labour Health at the National Plenária of the national health council. Presentation of proposal at the State and National Plenarys of the Federal health council. 

2003 - Criation and development of the Environmental comission in the Health State Council of E. Santo. 

2004 - Studies about earthquackes and Volcanos at E. Santo; Chain Votória – Trindade.

2005 - Act of honouring of the city Hall in gratitude for services handling in benefit of the comunity of Santa Tereza and State of E. Santo.

2016 - André Ruschi is dead.

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